The easiest way to signing an Android application

Mobile Application, Android, Cordova, 2015-06-16 23:53:14 UTC

After we finished creating Android application using Cordova on a few days ago, today I will guide you to signing the application.

The easiest part is using Eclipse, so I hope you have Eclipse IDE.

Before we start, if you doesn't have an Android application, you can follow these steps to create one.

Follow these steps to signing your Android application;

1. Open Eclipse

2. Right click the application; Android Tools -> Export Signed Application Package

3. Project check

4. Create new keystore

5. Key Creation

6. Destination and key/certificate checks

7. Please notice, don't loose your key creation file because if you upload it into Google play and when you need to upgrade your application, you must upload application with the same key that you have uploaded before.